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The Keys to Building a Successful Manufacturers' Rep Business
The Dos and Don'ts of Running a Successful Rep Agency

A Manufacturers'
Rep Agency Is a
Business. So It
Will Only Succeed
If It's Run Like a

Even if you are a one-person agency, it needs to be run like a business.

The Basics: Even if your rep firm is run from your home, as many are, it must be run like a business. That means having dedicated voice and fax lines for your business, e-mail and a website, a line card, and professional business stationery. Your telephone should have 24-hour voicemail that identifies your company to callers.

Customer/Prospect Database: All of your customers and prospects should be in a contact management database such as ACT! or Gold Mine, and you should be subscribing to one of the on-line prospect databases such as Zapdata.

Marketing Package: You must have a line card that lists your principals and the products and services they offer, and you must have a website that lists your principals with links to their websites. Your website should also show your sales coverage area and the industries you serve, and provide background on the your firm’s management and staff.

What? No Website! A rep firm without a website is just not taken seriously in the 21st century! In fact, a website does not put you into the 21st century, it just gets you up to 20th century standards because most businesses had websites back in the 1990s!

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Dos of Running a Successful Rep Agency:
Run it like a business. Be professional and businesslike.
Be an advocate for your customers, but also a representative of your principals.
Prospect for new business continually.
Be a resource to your customers and your principals.
Don’t just have principals; have principles.
Don’ts of Running a Successful Rep Agency:
Don’t name your company after yourself. “John Smith & Associates” sends just one message. You are not very creative!
Don’t have too many principals. Do a good job for a few rather than a poor job for many.
Don’t try it without a website. Without a website, your business is impossible to find when prospects are looking for the products you sell!